Thursday, 14 October 2010


This Nissan Skyline is the stuff of legend. Developed by iconic Japanese tuning outfit HKS, it held longstanding records as the world's fastest GT-R and the world's fastest 4WD vehicle. Its 7.67-second quarter-mile went unbeaten for five years.

Driven by Tetsuya Kawasaki, this Skyline really was a handful, but the most remarkable thing about it was its utter lack of absurdity; cars specifically designed for outright records in drag racing often find themselves with spaceframed chassis, ultra-aero bodywork, mere silhouettes of the road cars on which they were based. The HKS R33 GT-R was the antithesis of this - if you peeled off the lurid vinyl graphics and fitted a set of road wheels, it really wouldn't look that remarkable. Yet it was still able to post untouchable quarter-mile times.
How did it achieve this? With an obsessive program of weight-saving and a top secret engine spec that produced an impressive 1300bhp.

Here's the car in action, pulling off what it did best besides posting record times: grenading its slicks in epic crowd-pleasing burnouts.

...and, of course, here it is at full-bore on the strip.

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