Monday, 4 October 2010

Donk culture

The cult of the donk takes the big-rimmed bling principle to its logical conclusion. You take a large Chevrolet sedan - say, a Caprice, Impala or Monte Carlo - and substantially raise it using a bespoke system of off-road truck suspension and the like. Then you bolt on a set of absurdly, disproportionately massive wheels. The front end is often raised a little higher than the rear to provide a swaggering stance, and great care and attention is lavished on the paintwork and audio system - after all, if you have to cruise at low speed, you need to give people a show.

The technical issues are great, of course. The car's centre of gravity is dangerously high, one-off suspension and braking systems (and wheel hubs and driveshafts, etc) are unknown quantities and prone to unexpected and dangerous breakage, and it goes without saying that a puncture will cost you a fortune. But hey, you suffer for your art.

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