Monday, 4 October 2010

Clean stanced E21

When starting a new project, nothing is more important than ensuring you begin with the best possible base car. So an E21 3-series that's only had three owners and has spent much of its life being pampered and cared for would be ideal.
This particular Henna Rot example looks to be entirely straight and grot-free. The stance comes courtesy of Gaz fully-adjustable coilovers, dropping the chassis low over split-rim BBS RSs (7" front, 8.5" rear) with stretched tyres. The rolling stock suits the clean Bavarian lines perfectly, and she scrubs up pretty well too.
Click here for more pics, and there's a build thread here.

The rear-three-quarter is my favourite angle of this car - the combination of standard peashooter exhaust and 316 badging with aggressive negative camber and zero arch clearance is just superb.

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