Thursday, 9 September 2010

Supercharged AE86

The AE86 (or 'hachi-roku') Toyota Corolla is ubiquitous in drifting and circuit-racing circles. It's the Japanese mkII Escort - lightweight, rear-wheel drive, simple, chuckable, tuneable.

So how do you stand out from the crowd when every second competitor is rocking an '86 in white with black trim on matt-black Watanabes? Well, it can't hurt to be acid yellow with Schmidt TH Line wheels.
The Wiechers rollcage complements the Sparco buckets and harnesses in a cabin that is already minimalist by design, while the revvy 4A-GE twin-cam is boosted by an HKS supercharger. Handling and grip are aided by GReddy Type S suspension and sticky Toyo semi-slicks. All in all, a pretty effective package: this hachi-roku looks reasonably stock to the untrained eye, yet provides the kind of thrust and sidewaysability to keep the most weathered J-tin enthusiast smiling.

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