Friday, 3 September 2010

Porsche 914 - twin-supercharged V8

The Porsche 914 is often sidelined by its more ostentatious brethren, but it's a marvellously well-rounded little poppet. Built collaboratively between Porsche and Volkswagen in the early seventies, it has the ideal layout for a proper sports car: mid-engined, two-seater.
But what if the 1700cc flat-four (or even the later 2.0 flat-six, borrowed from the 911T) doesn't quite do it for you thrust-wise? Well, you could do what this chap has done and bung a small-block Chevy V8 in it.

...and not just a V8. In addition to the fury brought forth by 350 cubic inches, he's strapped on a pair of superchargers for good measure. Well, why not eh?

Engineering on this scale is a joy to behold when it's happening in someone's garage. The skill involved in crafting the 10-point rollcage, the bespoke Kevlar body (based around 935/916/930 cues), the traction control system, the 911 Turbo suspension, the carbon-fibre dash, the fuel cell, the inverted transaxle and the myriad other innovations is gobsmacking. Click here to see the full extraordinary details of the build.

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