Monday, 20 September 2010

Mrs Jo Jo

Mrs Jo Jo is an Austin Seven-based special with an illustrious history. Its dinky little 747cc four-banger has a Powerplus vane supercharger bolted to its nose, reputedly raising peak power to an impressive 60bhp. While details of past achievements are sketchy, it's thought to be one of the most successful Seven specials of its time.

It was originally built as one of a pair by Gordon England in 1924, which were entered in the 1925 JCC 200-mile race at Brooklands. It was crashed in 1927, and rebuilt as Mrs Jo Jo - rumours of an accompanying Mr Jo Jo have sadly been blurred in the mists of time.

Mrs Jo Jo has a Jekyll & Hyde paint job across its aerospace-inspired fuselage, a colour scheme that was continued across the driver's helmet. Now owned and campaigned by Oliver Way, you can learn more here.

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Anonymous said...

History of Mr Jojo - Built originally as a gordon england cup model special on lowered suspension and a highly tuned engine, not quite to the same specification as Mrs Jojo, and has an unblown engine, but those that are interested in seeing some photos of this mystery car, i have been fortunate enough to come across two or three, and if you'd like them then I'd be happy to email you them - send me an email at