Monday, 20 September 2010

Goodwood Revival 2010 - the racers

As well as being stuffed to the gills with retro static displays, the Goodwood Revival features some proper old-school motorsport. Well, being based around the historic Goodwood racing circuit, you'd expect nothing less than to see these (often priceless) machines being used as their designers and builders intended.

The quantity of machinery to pore over is a little overwhelming due to the vastly eclectic nature of the event. Here are just a few highlights from around the paddocks.

The scorchmarks around this GT40's exhausts tell their own tale.

The combination of attendees in period dress and Goodwood's legendary openness to get you up close and personal with the cars creates a wonderfully friendly ambience.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of BRM - examples of the marque from all eras were on display and on track.

Stars of 60s tin-top GT racing - there's no better place than Goodwood to see vintage Ferraris at full chat going head-to-head with E-Types, Cobras and other contemporary rivals.

It's fantastic to be able to stand near a man in overalls and a flat cap as he tinkers with his motor.

Our favourite car name of the day - the Custard Climax.

Diminutive MGs: headscarf motoring for the road, headcase racing for the track.

This Climax-engined Lotus was absolutely pristine, and so small in the cockpit it's hard to imagine how anyone could actually fit in.

One of a number of Mini-based specials.

Happy-faced Alfa looks like it has a moustache.

Hard-fought competition in the TT race between this Cobra and the two Ferraris following. Ultimately, the Cobra had a hold-up in the pits and the red Ferrari crashed out, allowing the red-and-blue one (in third place here) to win.

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