Monday, 20 September 2010

Goodwood Revival 2010 - the car park

The Goodwood Revival is such a massive and broad-ranging event that the car park is a show in itself. Here's a selection of highlights we spotted as we weaved our way through to the main entrance...

So close to being a Bond car (James' registration number, of course, being BMT 216A).

This E-Type looks incredibly muscular with those fat slots and flared arches.

It's rare enough to see a standard Riley Elf, let alone one that's immaculate and prepped for the track.

You may recognise this model of Alfa Romeo as the one the police drove in The Italian Job. This one was so clean it looked as if it had just rolled out of the spraybooth.

Beautiful mkI Twin Cam Escort was perfectly detailed, down to the matt-black bonnet and period plates.

Patinated Jaguar XK wore its years (and battle scars) with grace.

This Impala was a classic custom surf wagon, featuring rich two-tone paint, plentiful pinstriping and a slammed stance over chrome rims.

I was really taken with this Fulvia - resplendent in rally finery, just as they should be.

Intricate chrome detailing - you just don't get that on modern cars.

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