Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ferrari F40 LM

The F40 LM was an in-house Ferrari development to create a customer car suitable for endurance racing. The chassis was extensively reinforced with carbon-fibre, while the already legendary handling was further improved by the addition of new Koni springs and dampers and thicker anti-roll bars. Larger 355mm Brembo brakes were useful given the power hike to 720bhp, thanks to increased boost pressure and compression ratio, bigger intercoolers, more aggressive cams and an all-new engine management system.

Whilst retaining largely stock looks, subtle addenda were added to aid both cooling and downforce - check out the little NACA duct on the nose. There was also a discreet carbon-fibre chin spoiler, while the headlights now sat behind Lexan covers. And you see the hinged centre-section of the rear wing? That was adjustable from inside the cockpit.
Interior weight savings brought the overall kerb weight down to just 1050kg. The F40 LM was capable of accelerating to 60mph in 3.1s, going on to 229mph.

Only 19 F40 LMs were built, all going straight into private collections. Interestingly, a silver example running Enkei wheels and AP Racing brakes, with just 800km on the clock, has recently become available in Japan - click here for details.

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