Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Champagner-D Kadett

The Kadett D (or mkI Astra, as we know it) has been appreciating as a classic over the past few years, its much-overlooked boxiness now representing the peak of eighties set-square design. The fact that the top-of-the-range GTE's rivals (the XR3, for example) sold in bigger numbers in the UK, and have been recognised collectibles for longer, serves to add to the intrigue generated by any mkI Astra on the scene today. You tend to find, as in the case of the Champagner-D, that when somebody builds an Astra, they pull out all the stops.

The pictures speak for themselves. Unique touches abound, such as the pinstriping within the wheelarches and on the seatbacks, the custom coilovers, the creamy-smooth engine bay housing a chromed XE, that beautiful rollcage... it's almost too good to drive. But it's good to know that sufficient care has been put into the drivetrain and chassis that it will be both rapid and agile under enthusiastic use. Which is just the way a hot hatch should be.

Click here for the dedicated website, or here for the build thread in English.

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