Thursday, 15 July 2010

Polski Fiat 126 Group 2

The Fiat 126 is one of those cars that was reasonably anonymous through ubiquity in its heyday, but is of increasing interest these days due to its rarity.
The coolest iteration of all is, somewhat superbly, still in production thanks to the FSM-OBR Ex-Works Team. These guys - all genuine ex-Fiat rally guys, of course - build Group 2 126s to order. The cars are officially classed as 'restored', being based on donor shells from between 1978-83, although everything is stripped back and rebuilt from scratch to effectively create a new car. The chassis is seam-welded and an FIA-approved six-point rollcage is welded in, while the arches are enlarged to accommodate 5.5" wide wheels.
Being a proper rally car, you get bucket seats and four-point harnesses, an extinguisher system and electrical cutout switches too. Power comes from a blueprinted 650cc unit with an uprated carb, works cams and pistons and a group 2 exhaust.

The best part? You can get all of this for £7,000. Which is very good indeed.


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