Friday, 30 July 2010

FEV 1H @ Goodwood

FEV 1H - mkI Escort, Mexico rally winner - is like an old friend to me. I've never actually driven him, of course, but we bump into each other all the time; he seems to be at every show I go to - the Festival of Speed, Autosport, the Revival, the Motor Show, MPH... it's all I can do not to cheerfully pat him on the bonnet every time I see him.

Here he is in action up the Goodwood hill. It goes without saying that I was cheering from the sidelines.

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Anonymous said...


FEV 1H is not the one at Goodwood etc.. that is H1 FEV, a replica built in 1990 by Ford.

...ahem.. I have actually driven FEV 1H and it is everything you imagine!