Thursday, 22 July 2010

dangerousdave's Escort Harrier

If you're into the classic Ford scene and/or the retro scene (or, to be honest, the car show scene in general), you probably know this car. Any show you attend, you can pretty much guarantee that Dave will be there. Any picture thread of a show you stumble across on a car forum, you'll find the Harrier. The car is famous by ubiquity.

This is impressive, but it deserves fame in its own right too. The quality of the finish is excellent, but its the subtle touches that make this car stand out. As well as surfing the tide of popularity for flat-fronted mkIIs (remember the days when it was all about the droop snoot?) Dave has lowered the Escort as far as it can comfortably go while still allowing those split-rim Compomotives to exploit the power of the hot Burton pinto. The overall effect is just so, so right. Interested in learning more? Click here for the build thread.

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