Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chris Evans' white Ferraris

You may remember that Chris Evans recently spent rather a lot of money on a Ferrari 250 GTO. In order to pay for this, he's having a bit of a clearout of some of the random Ferraris he has hanging around the place.
They're available from Talacrest, and here's a selection that you may have seen recently at Goodwood...

The 288 GTO is an exceptionally rare beast, with only 272 ever having been made. One of only three models ever to wear the hallowed GTO badge.

The F40 is a machine not often found in white.

Even more rare is the astonishingly beautiful '57 TR (actually an '87 recreation).

Sadly his 246 GT Dino has been sold... has the 275 GTB 4-cam.

Damn it, if only they'd asked me to present The Big Breakfast instead of that ginger swine, all of these could be in my garage right now. Ah well, them's the breaks...

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