Friday, 23 July 2010

BMW M-Roadster - Fluid MotorUnion

I've never really been a fan of the Z3, but these photos have forced me to re-evaluate. Amazing what stance can do...

Fluid MotorUnion fitted a set of 17"x9" wheels (the size you'd normally find at the rear of an M-Roadster) on the front, while the back end wears monstrous 17"x11"s; a bespoke coilover setup brings the car absurdly close to the deck. The engine's been fettled with forged internals which allow a 9000rpm redline, with S54 throttle-bodies providing that alluring sucking noise. Not that the stance really allows you much opportunity to exploit the performance without immediately smashing the sump to bits on the first cats-eye you come across... but you can always wind the height up a bit if you're taking it to the track.

Via Stanceworks.

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Anonymous said...

notice how there are no engine pics? This shop is a scam and does hack work. Any good feedback is done by their own internet team or friends. Don't believe the hype. I have lived in this area my whole life and the type of cars they SUPPOSEDLY work on don't exist here. I have even been to the shop multiple times and all you will see are a few bagged pieces of undrivable crap surrounded by people who know next to nothing when it comes to cars.