Friday, 9 July 2010

'69 TVR Tuscan racer

Owned by Pittsburgh's Mike Zappa, this Tuscan was built with the sole purpose of irritating the Detroit fanboys. It's not American and it doesn't have a V8, which is borderline sacrilegious in US racing circles, not least because the Tuscan was originally offered with a 289ci Ford V8 as well as the Essex 3.0 V6 that we see here.

Zappa's TVR was a basket case when he took ownership, allowing him to carry out a full restoration with racing intent firmly interwoven into the plans. The V6 features a Cosworth GAA block with Cosworth forged pistons and rods, steel crank, group 1 cams, triple Weber 44 DCNFs and a dry-sump setup. Handling is taken care of by adjustable coilovers on bespoke mountings, while Ford Thunderbird brakes bring the featherweight racer to a halt. The full spec list is enormously long, with every element of the car being minutely analysed to ensure maximum racing utility and efficiency - it's not just beautiful, but tremendously competitive too!

This superb Tuscan has been tentatively offered for sale at a price of $110,000 in order to fund Zappa's GT40 build project - you can see full details of the car here.

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