Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Steve McQueen's Porsche 911

In the spring of 1970, Steve McQueen resided in France for a short period while filming the movie 'Le Mans'. While there he ordered himself a brand new Porsche 911S, for use both in the film and for personal countryside blasts. When the movie wrapped up he decided he wanted to keep the car, so he sent it off to Stuttgart for some more US-friendly gear ratios before having it shipped to his California home. However, he already had a '69 911 that he'd spent a small fortune installing a bespoke stereo in - he was that kind of guy - so the new Porsche was surplus to requirements.

Buying it from McQueen in 1971 from a small ad in the LA Times, the new owner used it as a daily driver for the next 34 years before selling it to a local 356 enthusiast. The car is still in its original spec today, featuring all of the options picked out by McQueen four decades ago: air-conditioning, leather seats, tinted windows, Fuchs alloys, driving lamps and US-band Blaupunkt stereo. It hardly needs saying that the man had taste.

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