Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Focus RS500 at the Nordschleife

There's a lot of speculation surrounding the Focus RS500's prowess. Not only does it have to be worthy of the hallowed RS badge, following a distinguished line of Escorts, Capris and Sierras (OK, and a couple of slightly less good Fiestas), but carrying off the RS500 name is not a task to be taken lightly. The respect and reverence of the Sierra RS500 Cosworth is strong enough to ensure that any car that tries to emulate it, or at least follow competently in its footsteps, needs to be pretty damned impressive.

As we can see from this footage of Mikko Hirvonen throwing it around the Nordschleife, Ford may have just about pulled it off.

His relaxed attitude suggests a rather more forgiving nature than the Sierra RS500... although he is used to throwing monstrous rally cars through forests. We'll have to wait until Ford lend us one before making our own decisions.

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