Monday, 24 May 2010

Stanceworks E36

Remember Mike Burroughs? He's been working on something new...

This E36 may appear to belong to the increasing trend of 'stance at any cost' (i.e. 'let's make it as low as possible, and driveability can go hang'), but it is, in fact, a very serious and well thought out machine.
Power comes from an E46 M3 unit with some spectacularly enormous trumpets. Stance is taken care of by specially developed AST suspension that effectively keeps the car unbelievably close to the ground while still offering exemplary handling. And just to irritate the hardcore BMW fans, the wheels are Mercedes AMG Aeros. Cheeky.

You can see from this video that it sounds glorious, goes well and seems to handle without jarring. You also get to see a group of men sitting at a picnic bench in a river, which you don't see every day.

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