Monday, 24 May 2010

J.D. Classics

Who'd have thought that petrolhead mecca could be found in Essex?

J.D. Classics, based in Maldon, have a team of 35 specialists who can do pretty much anything to your classic, and to an astonishing standard. Anything from a lick of paint to a body-off restoration, a spot of carb balancing or a full-on engine rebuild can all be done in-house. If you don't have your own car to start with, they also have a sublime showroom of achingly beautiful, pristine cars available to buy. They're so proud of their work (and rightly so), that the public are welcome to stroll around the workshops and see what they're up to. The diversity of the cars, the quality of the work, the friendly atmosphere - it's mesmerising.

They specialise in Jaguar but, as these pictures demonstrate, they can turn their expert hands to anything worthwhile and interesting. (More photos here.)

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