Wednesday, 26 May 2010

DeTomaso Pantera

The DeTomaso Pantera is a supercar curio that enjoyed an impressive production run, from 1971-91, fusing Italian design with Detroit muscle. (Well, kind of Italian design - Tom Tjaarda, who penned the shape, was actually American. But still, the car was Modenese.) Powered by Ford's 351 (5.8-litre) Cleveland engine, it produced 330bhp and a hell of a noise.

The benefit of owning one today over, say, a Ferrari 308 or a Maserati Bora is that the engines are far less costly to maintain, tune or replace. Although that's not to say Panteras are cheap or lack cachet - Elvis Presley owned one (kudos indeed), and a good one today can cost you upwards of £60k.

Everything you really need to know about the Pantera can be learned from this video. Turn your speakers up.

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