Thursday, 27 May 2010

Brabus Stealth 65

Brabus have been tweaking Mercedes-Benzes since 1977, and have an impressive CV to prove it: the Bullit, the Black Baron, the Rocket - in terms of extracting ludicrous horsepower and orbit-altering torque from Stuttgart's finest, they knock Lorinser and Carlsson into a cocked hat.

The aforementioned Brabus creations had very low production runs (one-offs with a few duplicates, almost), and the latest in a long and distinguished line of unique-ish models is the new Stealth 65. The SL65's already quite astonishing 6.0-litre AMG biturbo V12 receives fettled turbos and four intercoolers, a remapped ECU and custom exhaust. This equates to 820bhp and 1050lb.ft of torque. Which is just silly.
The owner, of course, lives in Dubai.

Unfortunately, the only sound available seems to be two seconds of exhaust blip in this video. Still, here you go...

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