Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lamborghini Espada

Certain Lamborghinis are immediately recognisable as sons of Sant'Agata; the Countach, for example, was the eighties poster boy of flamboyant supercar excess, while the Miura is every true petrolhead's aspirational vision. But what about the lesser-known models, the Urracco, the Jalpa, the Jarama? Perhaps as enthusiasts we can embrace these models as our own little secrets; they certainly possess the core brand values of the halo models - unforgettable performance, unmistakable quality, opulent luxury.

Take the Espada, for instance. The idea of a 150mph four-seater supercar was quite an outlandish and enticing one in the seventies. Couple this with a dashboard that looks like it was lifted straight from the cockpit of a fighter jet and Lamborghini's gloriously sonorous 3.9-litre V12, the bold Gandini styling offered a complete package. Of course, it was expensive and uneconomical in a time of fuel crises, and the resulting low consumer enthusiasm explains their scarcity. However, a good one can be had for somewhere in the region of £20k-£40k these days. A Miura engine and room for the kids in the back? That's rather good value...

You can read more about the Espada at Octane.

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