Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The Ford vs. Holden debate in New Zealand is as big as Ford vs. Chevy in the US or Ford vs. Vauxhall in the UK. It's a really big deal.

To try to resolve the divisive issue once and for all, NZ radio station The Rock - motto: 'bands, babes, balls 'n' bull' - devised a crowdsourced project to create a hybrid of the two - a Folden. This would incorporate the listeners' suggestions of the best elements of the two brands in one automotive supergroup.
After three months of graft, with dozens of businesses involved and around $90k spent (and much criticism and various death threats received), they ended up with the nose of a '69 Mustang grafted onto a Holden HQ, with a 302ci Ford V8 and countless bespoke touches.
It's now being auctioned off - click here - with the proceeds going to the NZ Mental Health Foundation.

This was an inspired project - rather than simply inflaming and perpetuating the bickering between the two camps, the Folden has resonance that will echo through the ages. It's like the signing of a peace treaty. Its new owner will probably feel a bit edgy taking it to partisan car meets, though...

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