Monday, 8 March 2010

Felon restorations

Nevada's Southern Desert Correctional Center has an unorthodox activity centre for its inmates. They don't smash rocks. The don't press licence plates. They don't stitch mailbags. They restore classic cars.
It makes sense, really - they have no time constraints, so they don't rush the work. The longer they remain as inmates, the longer they have to hone their skills. And with a strong back catalogue of quality work, it's no surprise that people are happy to ship their pride-and-joy to the big house to be freshened up - a ground-up resto on a '65 Mustang, for example, would cost as little as $25k. Little wonder that Carroll Shelby got involved: the cons are now making Shelby Cobras - real ones - as well as bodykits and addenda for Mustang GTs and Supersnakes.

You can read Pat Devereux's full Top Gear report here.

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