Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fiat TwinAir

Fiat are at the cutting edge of innovative engine technology, their Centro Ricerche Fiat delivering on its promise to launch three mould-breaking technologies for 2010: the MultiAir petrol engine, the MultiJet II diesel and the Dual Dry Clutch Transmission. These technologies harness eco-concerns by increasing efficiency and thereby reducing emissions, but also combine them with the classic Fiat sporting ethos, adding increased power and torque to the benefits list.

Jalopnik have just released images of the forthcoming TwinAir engine. It's a twin-cylinder unit that employs turbocharging and MultiAir tech to produce the power of a four-banger. Hopefully it'll have that vintage twin-cyl rasp too...

Click here for an excellent Wired piece on Fiat's engine development.

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stephanie.4ps said...

Wow these pictures of the Twinair engine look like art!

It's great to see Fiat paying so much attention to new cars that can be powerful and fuel efficient.