Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Triumph TR6 LT1

The Triumph TR6 is a British icon, arguably the last great TR before they went all cheese-shaped. It's one of those cars that just looks right from every angle.

British soft-tops of the sixties and seventies enjoy a devoted following Stateside due to their purity of purpose and, well, Britishyness. The US is, of course, the home of balls-out no-substitute-for-cubes power, so it's inevitable that they'd be tempted to throw stonking great V8s into our quaint little two-seaters. Ken Hiebert's '72 Triumph TR6, for example. Hidden beneath that extravagantly vented bonnet is a 5.7-litre LT1 bent-eight from a Trans Am, complete with Corvette cam covers for extra bafflement. It's got a six-speed 'box (as the license plate suggests), Mustang Cobra wheels and all kinds of bespoke bits and bobs. You can read all about it here.

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