Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pimp My Lada

The Pimp My Ride formula is brilliant, if flawed. It's very entertaining to see people with knackered old clunkers getting them transformed (for free!) into the cars of their dreams. The obvious and unavoidable fact, however, is that they have shit cars for a reason: they can't afford better ones. So what happens when you take someone's worthless car and throw tens of thousands of dollars at it? They immediately sell it. But of course.

Now, the US version of the show, hosted by Xzibit, is excellent. The UK version, unfortunately, was pretty annoying because they insisted on using Tim Westwood as a host. And he's a cretin.
Don't despair, though - Top Gear had a pretty game stab at it back in 2002, getting Lotus engineers to soup up a Lada. They didn't fill it with TVs either...

...but, inevitably, the spoddy and ungrateful owner did sell it pretty quickly afterwards. What a berk.

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