Thursday, 7 January 2010

Aston Martin goes mental

OK. I can sort of see the point of the Cygnet. It's a Toyota iQ with an Aston Martin grille pasted to the front and a swanky plush interior, designed for people that already own a DB9, DBS, AMV8 or whatever so that they can pootle to the shops without getting egged by enviro-nutters. (And, as a handy by-product, AM can reduce the average CO2 emissions figure across the whole range, thereby making Brussels and Copenhagen happy.) Fair enough, as long as they only sell them to existing customers... if they start casting Cygnets about willy-nilly then it'll be an embarrassing brand dilution and a great, great shame.

But just what the shuddering fuck is this terrible promo video all about?!

'Oh, look at us, we're down with the kids.' Christ.

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