Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Project Kerb Snake

Type 3 Detectives (sister company to Type 2 Detectives) know their stuff when it comes to classic VeeDubs. But how do you inject new life into a scene that's been thriving for half a century? By keeping it fresh, playing your cards close to your chest and using the element of surprise to your advantage.

Take Project Kerb Snake, for example. T3D wanted something unique and genuinely surprising for the 2009 show season, so they sourced a BDM (that's Brazilian Domestic Market, an acronym I just made up)-only model named, appropriately, the Brasilia. It's basically a Beetle underneath, with a sort of quasi-Notchback-ish 2-door estate body. The styling cues are unmistakably VW, but it's a car even afficionados would have had trouble naming. Until now, of course.

Importing a Brasilia from Portugal, they substantially narrowed the front beam, fitted bespoke air-ride suspension and polished 17" Fuchs replicas, added some crazy camber at the rear, dressed the engine and interior, and rolled off to some shows. People, as you might imagine, were gobsmacked. It was as if they'd invented a whole new classic Volkswagen, such is the rarity of the model, and the epic stance drew almost as much attention as the high quality of workmanship.

They're planning a unique K70 wagon as their next show-stopper - check out their blog to follow progress.

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