Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Electric Porsches

The rise of the volthead is not necessarily something to fear. True, proper cars have big shouty petrol engines, but electric alternatives don't necessarily have to be restricted by the soul-crushing godawfulness of the G-Wiz. The Tesla is pointing technological development in the right direction (but is still prohibitively expensive, unfortunately), but what about the discerning retro motorist who desires something a little more traditional?
Look no further than Broedersdorff & Koenzen - they'll take a classic Porsche 912 (or a variety of other things, it's your call really), rip the guts out and ram it full of batteries.

You can see the potential. If PS Autoart can put modern running gear in a classic shell, imagine the buzzing innards of the RUF Greenster in the body of a 2.7 Carrera RS...

...actually, no, I'm not altogether happy about that. Interesting though, isn't it?

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