Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Moped gangs

Taking a scale of, say, two-thumbs-up awesome to slightly lame, it's hard to know where to place the growing trend of 'rebels without a hog' - the US culture of the moped gang. Counting among their Hell's Angels equivalents, we find San Francisco's Creatures of the Loin, Tempe's Tom Cruisers and Richmond's Hell's Satans (the latter, obviously, having been lifted from The Simpsons) - guys who mix the traditional rebellion ethos with a very modern frugality; throw in a NES/C90/Walkman retro kitsch and it has the potential to be a winning combination. Click here for more. (via Wired)

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salvation foto & design said...

Well they look 'cooler' than a bunch of 16 year olds on whatever the trendy 'ped is these days.