Friday, 18 September 2009

MX-5 Superlight

The MX-5 has always been about lightweight thrills, about paring the idea of 'car' back to its most basic principles to create a thrilling driving experience. When the first MX-5 appeared, it was hailed as a modern day Lotus Elan, and with good reason; aside from looking very similar to the old Chapman classic, it's light, compact, rear wheel drive and has a fizzy and eager twin-cam. It's not about outright power, but about a good power-to-weight ratio being coupled with sublime driving dynamics.

Mazda have taken this to its logical conslusion with the MX-5 Superlight: no windscreen, no roof, no stereo, no carpet - if it doesn't need to be there, it's in the bin.
It's quite a looker too, isn't it? It grins at you like a mischievous cartoon character...

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