Monday, 14 September 2009

Bugatti Galibier

The Veyron's all very well for people who a) have an absurd amount of cash and b) want to go as fast as physically possible, but what about folk who have families to cart about?
Worry ye not, plutocratic petrolheads, for Bugatti has a solution for you. Behold, the really-quite-ugly Galibier.
It has a very impressive exhaust - four pipes either side, no less - which, of course, is exactly the sort malarkey you see everyday on Citroen Saxos and the like. The front-mounted W16 will take you to 217MPH, and that's rather impressive for a near-two-tonne car that's about as aerodynamic as a housebrick.

As you'd expect from Bugatti, the Galibier is an astonishing achievement and a thoroughly exciting car. But it looks hideous and will be bought exclusively by pretentious wankers, aspirational lottery chavs and footballers.

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Anonymous said...

the Vanden Plas Allegro lives!