Thursday, 24 September 2009


An outlandish and controversial style, Bōsōzoku cars get roundly mocked in Europe for their beyond-BarryBoys styling. This, of course, demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the point of Bōsōzoku. Growing from Japan's rapidly expanding automotive industry in the 1950s, Bōsō culture centres around outrageously modified cars and motorbikes and a wild sense of lawlessness - you'll see gangs in jumpsuits and military overcoats with surgical masks and huge perms, rising sun imagery spread liberally over their attire.

Bōsōzoku cars have absurdly protruding exhausts, front-mounted oil-coolers with swooping feed pipes, colossal spoilers and, as a trophy, a hand-ring from the Tokyo subway hanging from the rear towing-eye.
You may think they look ridiculous. You may think they're awesome. Either way, the Bōsō boys don't give a shit what you think...

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