Tuesday, 12 May 2009

BMW E28 evolution

Mike Burroughs is a man with an eye for detail. His '85 BMW 535i has graduated through various stages of evolution, some more 'scene' than others, to the final full-on rat-look you see at the bottom.
He's clearly not afraid to upset the fanboy applecart, taking various styling cues from the VeeDub scene (polished BBS split-rims, epic negative camber, distressed bodywork, roofrack full of retro bits 'n' bobs) and applying them to his minty-fresh E28. It has, inevitably, been met with mixed reactions, ranging from those who love the unique and pioneering mishmash of different stylistic elements to the vociferously outraged purists. SuckSqueezeBangBlow is happy to sit in the former camp - it's a thing of beauty, and each incarnation has something intriguing to offer.
Oh, and Mike's abilities with a camera aren't too shabby either - you can see more of his superb E28 (as well as plenty of other interesting metal) here.