Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster

In their relentless pursuit for nostalgic design, Mercedes-Benz have unveiled the F-CELL Roadster, an idea that could have come straight from Wired's Artifacts From The Future. They've gone right back to the dawn of the company (and, indeed, the motor-car itself) and taken styling cues directly from the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Hidden within is an ultra-modern hybrid propulsion system, with a 1.2kW electric motor powered by a fuel cell. The quadricycle will do 15mph and has a range of 218 miles (which could be rather tedious at that pace). A drive-by-wire joystick replaces the accelerator, brakes and steering wheel, so you probably actually don't want it going that fast - the potential for sneezing while driving it and jerking right into an artic is quite high. You can see that the wheels are unbraked, so this is presumably taken care of by friction in the electric drivetrain.
Why have they done this? Well, why not? It proves that it can be done. Whatever 'it' is...

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