Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Audi TT RS

May all references to hairdressers be banished forever - the TT has realised its potential.
Debuting at Geneva will be the latest in Audi's lineup of ballistic and barely-legal road racers, the TT RS. It sees a return to a classic Audi format - the inline five-cylinder engine & quattro drivetrain - with promise of around 340bhp. The engine itself is effectively one bank of their V10 engine with a whacking great turbo strapped to it, which should provide more than ample playfulness along with an aurally pleasing mix of barks and whistles. The suspension and brakes are, naturally, beefed up to cope with the thrust. The gaping vents on the nose echo those of the R8 and the general feeling of menace is palpable.
Hang on, though... isn't that the rear spoiler from a Nissan 350Z?

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