Saturday, 1 November 2008

MPH 2008 - Earls Court

It was superb. It always is. The diversity and eclecticism of the stands was exemplary, ranging from vintage to concept, cherished to modified, cheap to stratospherically expensive...
The live performance (cynically rebranded as Top Gear Live to drag in more punters, but basically the same format as the last few years) was marvellously entertaining as usual, featuring a donutting London cab - actually a taxi shell on a Mitsubishi Evo IX chassis - and football with Smart cars. Lovely.

Here's a few highlights, inexpertly snapped with my dodgy cameraphone.

Every time I see a Challenger I fall in love with them all over again. And there were two! That'll be the first purchase when my lottery numbers come up... but do I want the classic orange or the stunning matt white? Either way, it's only £44,000 for the top-spec Hemi. Bargainous.

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