Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The future of cop cruisers?

American police cars are generally of the thirsty/sturdy/bulky ilk - picture the Dodge Monaco from the Blues Brothers, for example, or any of those 'Police! Stop! Now! Shit!'-type shows where you see fishtailing swarms of chunky saloons barging miscreants from the highway and scraping their door-handles on the asphalt when they squeal around corners.

Well, how about this angry little bastard for a 21st century replacement? Carbon Motors have unveiled their E7 prototype in the hope of providing a slightly greener alternative for the police forces of the US - it has a (comparatively) economical turbodiesel engine - shock, horror! - that kicks out 300bhp and should hit 60 in 6 seconds, while munching through rather less fuel than the standard V8 barges in general use.

It's got suicide doors and clusters of LEDs, night-vision and infra-red, and even shotgun mounts.

Christ, though - how cheesy is this?!

'Pure Justice Tour'? Yeesh.

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