Tuesday, 28 October 2008

'Shorting Break'

We do, of course, owe much to Alec Issigonis. His brilliant and ingenious Mini scarcely needs its significance reiterating here, but it's not just the manner in which the little car revolutionised the car industry that needs to be remembered. The Mini has always been squarely positioned at the very zenith of modifying culture too - people turn them into racers, dragsters, camper vans, rat rods, off-roaders... you name it, it's been done. So how do you create a truly unique Mini, given that someone's bound to have come up with pretty much any concept your brain can come up with?

How about this one?

It's a lovely example of a classic Mini...

...with a hot supercharged A-series...

...and a superb interior...

...with Countryman-style rear doors!

Now that is different.

Build thread here.

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